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I love data! While things like neural networks and statistical models have existed for decades, in the latter case centuries, only recently have we been able to unlock the full potential of the incredible amount of data generated by humanity each day. That excites me because it also means that we are entering an era where we finally have the tools to tackle some of our greatest challenges. While I'm no stranger to a notebook, and love to share and discuss recent favorites I've found on arxiv, I take pride and special interest in helping develop ETL pipelines and applications that help take the work of researchers out of Jupyter and into the hands of consumers.

What's it Like to Work with Me?

"Wow you run an excellent ship. So much support, very structured and organized, and to see you in lecture and all over slack is great."

Jason Adamo DS17 Student

"Brian made the right option the easiest option for us!"

Dylan Nason, DS17 Team Lead

"Hey, just want to let you know that I am slightly refactoring things after being inspired by your approach."

Dr. Christopher Koerber, UC Berkeley

Check Out Some of my Recent Projects

Project Manager, Code for Philly

CHIME, originally developed by the Predictive Healthcare team at the University of Pennsylvania uses hospital admissions data and other regional information such as information about social distancing policies to created a forecast model allowing decision makers to create informed plans as the pandemic progresses.

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money and politics viz

Data Visualization and Analysis

This data visualization project focused on exploring the relationships between our elected officials and their personal income, using data provided by the Center for Responsive Politics I was able to provide a peak into how money and power shape our politcal system.

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Drop-in Deployment

Cookiecutter Dash App is an easy to use template which allows for rapid iteration and prototyping by allowing users to answer a few preliminary questions and then have a basic Plotly Dash scaffold reducing the total amount of time required to go from notebook to project complete.

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Open Source Software for the Public Good

Code for Detroit is a brigade operating under the Code for America network, which brings together coders, community leaders, civil servants and technology to deliver more efficient government services.

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